Wednesday 9 February 2011

Warmer wrists!

On Saturday a pair of these arrived in the post:

They were knitted for me by my aunt, and my mum sent them along to keep my wrists warm while I'm practising at church.

St Andrew's, like many church buildings of its time, was built with not much regard for temperature regulation. Once upon a time there was some kind of underfloor radiator system but that has since been replaced by radiant electric heaters, which are a lot of good if you're standing directly where they are pointed (preferably wearing something dark), but not much help elsewhere. This hasn't been the warmest winter, and while indoor morning temperatures at the moment are around 9ºC with the milder weather, over Christmas it was sometimes as low as 3ºC. I do have a radiant heater pointing at the organ keys, which does help, but the organ itself is part of the problem as a fierce draught comes down from behind it! I can't really wear gloves, even fingerless ones, because they interfere too much with playing. Practising I can leave my coat on, but services are another matter as I can't fit very many warm jumpers underneath cassock and surplice. Brr!

This week hasn't seen much organ practice at church yet, and the weather is warming up here now, but I'm looking forward to trying out the wrist warmers tomorrow morning. If I can use them for playing then my work in the winter months will be far more pleasant. Many thanks, Aunt Pat!

Now to figure out how to keep my feet warm while wearing my organ shoes, which fit very closely and are just a thin layer of leather... I'm thinking fuzzy gaiters or legwarmers.

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