Tuesday 22 April 2008

Miscellany and some good news

Yesterday was a day of many errands; I feel like I didn't get a lot done, but really it's just that the things I did get done were mostly not music-related so much as life-maintenance related. If there is anything that could convince me to try to earn more money than I need to survive, it's the prospect of being able to afford a personal assistant, even part-time.

Today I'm a little sleepy, but practising went well. The Villanelle isn't going to be perfect tomorrow, but it's going to be reasonably good. It's amazing how much more endurance it takes to play it on F-side only, I'm finding it quite tiring to play, but I'm sure in the long run that's good for me.

Since then I've been quietly productive in the library. I have a rehearsal later up at Blackheath, and if the weather holds I might eat lunch in the park on the way there.

Some very good news indeed: IMSLP is coming back! The International Music Score Library Project was a repository of more than 15,000 public domain musical scores. Universal Editions, in Austria, threatened to sue them over a legal difference in what constitutes public domain, with the result that the database had to be taken down as IMSLP was not in any financial position to take on a legal battle. I'm very, very glad that this resource is coming back.

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